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28 September 2011 @ 10:00 pm
eBay SPR sales.  

Hey guys!
I'm selling loads of Sex Pot Revenge stuff (among other brands) on eBay here.

Including 2008 lucky bag items, and the Snake Venom jeans, also from 2008!

Here's a teaser!

I'm based in the UK, contrary to what the auctions say, I DO post internationally (It's a long story, basically my post office is a pain and I had alot of hassle with foreign buyers not understanding my rules beforehand, also postage calculations... so it's easier to state that I don't.)

Anyway. If you're an international buyer, please message me on ebay and let me know (including that you come from LJ, blahblah.)
I'll send you an invoice after you buy, with the correct shipping charge.